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Slovakian club (SKCHR) Specialty show

24.9.2006 | news

This weekend we have joined Slovakian speciality show. We have never ever complained about any judge, about marks we got, about judgements they give us. Sometimes they can think about dogs different way, they can have different point of view, but we just do not care and we are ready to go to almost every judge. Mrs Klaveren came to Milo, controlled his teeth, touched his front, his top line and than she went to the back side of the dog. After tail she went to his balls but wow, it hur him that much that he cried out. After this when she came to him again, he was scared that she is going to hurt him again, what he really did not understand and did not want to so he was snarling at her twice. She made a very nice judgement for him but on the end it also said that he is not judged because of snarling. Our respect to being who hurt our boy that he was scared equals to zero. We are people of choices and we have already made our choice. We will not ever more meet this women as a judge in the ring again. Life is great, it is always offering new experiences you can learn from. Dargo got Very good that day.