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4.4.2006 | news

This day we have collected Dargo. You never know what is going to happen in future. Dargo is just too special to let go his genes without any backup. We did not want to take the risk of loosing his greatest heart we have ever seen forever. Frozen semen is available form today.

Milo got his papers

4.4.2006 | MILO

We got original copy of Milo's pedigree and registration certificate from AKC and we have also registered him in Czech stud book.

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Milo's sibs Sophie and Simon

29.3.2006 | MILO

Milo's breeder Jeanne Nixon has sent us few pictures of his litter mates. They all look like one man, are they?

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Visit at Anabela's puppies

20.3.2006 | 2nd litter - Anabel Alta Mirano

See more pictures by clicking the picture.


Blaster of Dargo and Milo on the snow again

19.3.2006 | news

We have visited Dargos puppies and made some more "snow" pictures of Dargo and Milo at our cottage.

Click picture to get to gallery.


Puppies picture gallery

19.3.2006 | 3rd litter - Eshe od Kremence

Another visit at Dargos puppies - click thumbnail to see gallery with few pictures.

Eight new Dargo's puppies in this world

28.2.2006 | 3rd litter - Eshe od Kremence

Yesterday were born another beautiful litter after our boy Dargo with beautiful bride Eshe od Kremence

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First visit of Anabela's puppies

27.2.2006 | 2nd litter - Anabel Alta Mirano

We have visited second Dargos and Anabelas (Anabela Alta Mirano) puppies at breeding station Ranch Demuto for the first time. They are 9 days old today.

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Weekend fun

19.2.2006 | news

See some fun pictures from our cottage in south of Czech republic and little bit of show stack training

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New Czech record in number of puppies in one litter!!!

19.2.2006 | 2nd litter - Anabel Alta Mirano

Anabela Alta Mirano had litter of 17 puppies.

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