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Another visit of "little devils" :-)

1.10.2005 | 1st litter - Angela Kirinyanga

We have visited Dargos first puppies again.

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Angela's puppies are three weeks old

27.9.2005 | 1st litter - Angela Kirinyanga

Puppies are growing nicely, they have opened eyes already and started to do serious walks. So the "war" has began. Five males are engaged. Three more standard boys and both bitches wait for their new owners who will be ready to share their lives with them.


First visit of Angelas puppies

11.9.2005 | 1st litter - Angela Kirinyanga

We have visited puppies of Dargo and Angela for the first time.

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Birth of Dargo's first puppies

7.9.2005 | 1st litter - Angela Kirinyanga

Puppies have been born today

Little angel Angela is getting buigger and bigger

2.9.2005 | 1st litter - Angela Kirinyanga

It is possible to see growing Angela's belly every single day.

New pictures

25.8.2005 | 1st litter - Angela Kirinyanga

New pictures of pregnant Angela

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Pregnancy confirmed

15.8.2005 | 1st litter - Angela Kirinyanga

Angela have visited vet and ultrasound confirmed her pregnancy.

3rd Coursing and Agility in Lukova.

7.8.2005 | news

 These days was held the 3rd Coursing and Agility in Lukova. Like every year on this weekend there was organised many other competitions and enjoyments for dogs and their owners. We had a tournament in Indian tenis, competition in shooting, dogs coud measure their noses by searching hidden sausages and novelty for this year were mental tests for dogs. On sunday was held the II club show. It was judged with point system separately by three judges from different countries.

Dargo's first mating

13.7.2005 | 1st litter - Angela Kirinyanga

Dargo has been visited by his first beautiful "bride" Angela

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Breed test

8.5.2005 | breed test

   Type   Typical
   Height   69 cm
   Global appearance   Correct
   Chest depth   Correct (1:2)
   Cage construction   Strong
   Musculature   Correct
   Color   Red Wheaten
   Mask   No
   Emblems   White emblem on chest and little bit on fingers
   Hair structure   Standard
   Lenght   Correct
   Width   Corect
   Crowns   Expressive
   Box   Correct
    Poise judgement
   Head    Typical
   Stop   Expressive
   Crown of the head   Correct
   Front face frown   No
   Ridge of the nose   Correct
   Nose   Black
   Ears   Adjacent
   Ears shape   Correct
   Bite   Scissors bite
   Missing teeth   No
   Eyes   Dark, correspond with eye and ear colour
   Neck   Correct
   Chest   Correct
   Rib vaulting   Correct
   Spine   Correct, straight
   Back   Correct
   Tail   Correct
   Tail Mounting   Correct
     Front legs
   Angulation   Correct
   Emplacement   Correct
   Paws emplacement   Correct
   First finger   Existing
   Nail colour   Correct
     Back Legs
   Angulation   Correct
   Emplacement   Correct
   Paws emplacement   Correct
   Wolf nail   Away
   Nail colour   Correct
     Movement, Character
   Movement judgement   Correct and relaxed
   Character   Friendly and kind dog
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